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Todd Lyons

Stu Who!?

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Feb 192015

We just had some custom SE Racing jerseys printed up by Hot Shoppe Designs for a VERY special and legendary BMX racer who is returning to the SE Factory Squad after a long hiatus. He will be racing the USA BMX Nationals this weekend in Phoenix on a Floval Flyer. Any guesses as to who this rider may be? Stu Who!?


Dblocks Wildin'!

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Feb 172015

Dblocks is a MONSTER! Check him out wildin’ on the streets on some SE bikes!

Merry BMX-Mas!

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Dec 252014

USA BMX Grands, Go Javi!

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Nov 292014

The USA BMX Grand Nationals are going down this weekend in Tulsa! Our very own Javier Colombo is leading the points chase for the Vet Pro title. Here he is waxing a moto earlier today. The main event is tonight. Wish him luck! Bring that title home Javier!


Sheep Hills Pumptrack Championships!

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Oct 262014

Made to Ride!

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Oct 102014

Some of our retro bikes look like pieces of art. Something that you would maybe hang on the wall and display for your friends. But don’t let the good looks fool you, because these bikes are ready to RIDE!




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Oct 092014

Herbie Smith is down for LIFE!

Jenna Tails on the 2015 PK Ripper Looptail

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Oct 082014

Jenna says “no clipless.” We have to agree with her on this one!

PK Ripper POP!

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Sep 292014

Does it get any more roots than this!? Mike Buff with a seat height bunnyhop on his PK Ripper in the early 80’s. So rad!

29er Thickslick Tires Available NOW!

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Sep 242014

You’ve seen the super rad 29er Thickslick tires that we have on our 2015 OM Flyer, riiiiiight!?

Well get this, these tires are now available at finer bike shops and also on the Freedom website: http://freedombicycle.com/products/thickslick

Order some to freshen up your Big Ripper. Twenty-nine inches of RADNESS!