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Stompin' Stu Thomsen Interview

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Sep 202017

BMXUltra recently got together with Stompin’ Stu for a chat. Here’s what they had to say: Stu Thomsen was the biggest names in BMX racing in the infancy of BMX. Not only did he dominate on the race tracks across America and across the globe, he was also quite handy in the skate park. We caught up with Stu for an interview while he was visiting Melbourne recently after making a guest appearance at the BMXPO Show and Shine in Sydney.

The #sefactorysquad Rips in Bakersfield

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Sep 192017

The #sefactorysquad ripped it up at the Fall Nationals this weekend in Bakersfield. Four, count em’, four members of the team took home big 1st place finishes and solid main event finishes by the rest! Nice!

The Gaudium can ROAST

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Sep 182017

Peep Kris Fox going to the moon aboard his signature SE Gaudium! It doesn’t get much better! If you’re looking’ to level up with some speed and boost in your riding, get more details on the Gaudium HERE.

Everybody's Rideout!

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Sep 162017

Get ready! This Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! The biggest rideout of the year. You riding, or you hiding!? You don’t want to miss this one!

SE Bikes Hits the Beach for the Santa Cruz Rideout!

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Sep 142017

The #santacruzrideout! This time we brought the Cycle Squad Maniaccs from NYC to tear up the streets of Santa Cruz with the 6061 BMX crew and 100’s of other riders. We didn’t just tear up the streets, but we also cruised along the coast, rolled down Pacific Coast Highway, sessioned a couple pump tracks, freaked out the downtown locals, crossed over the Lost Boys bridge, had a lined up wheelie battle on Myrtle St, and even raised it up along the world famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk! This epic day concluded with a BBQ party and wheelie jam at Family Cycling Center bike shop with 100’s of our friends. We gotta say, it was a good day!

Assembly Ready!

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Sep 132017

Its like SE Bikes heaven! Peep these amazing views of Big Flyer and Blocks Flyer frames all lined up and ready for assembly at our factory! Shred on!

PK 29 Tribute

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Sep 122017

Earlier this year, artist and SE enthusiast Rick Hector created his latest charcoal rendering of “P.K. Ripper” and presented it to the man himself at Florida Spring Fling 9 in St. Augustine. Rick just completed his 29″ Perry Kramer tribute “Big Ripper”, complete with a hand-cut replica of P.K.’s 1980 number plate, signed by Perry and Bob Haro at the Fling!

Bout That Action!

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Sep 112017

Really now. When you break it all down, the Beastmode Bipper is ’bout that action! Also, it’s football season again so be sure to peep “Beastmode” Marshawn Lynch do his thang. How bout dem Raiders?!

Matt Cordova Nominated for RideBMX's Trail Rider of the Year!

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Sep 082017

The Battle of Hastings is going down in the UK, which also means the RideBMX NORA Cup is going down as well. With that being said, we’re pumped to announce that SE Bikes shredder Matt Cordova has been nominated for Trail Rider of the Year! Peep the video below to see the other nominees! The awards will be given out Sunday!

Matt Cordova in England

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Sep 072017

The Battle of Hastings is going down this weekend east over the pond and Matt Cordova will be on hand. Keep an eye out for some serious roasting out of the beard himself! Photo by Nathan Sykes.