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Sep 272018

AY CARAMBA! BRING THE KIDS! This Saturday! We’ve got a crew of us staying at the Rosarito Beach hotel for the #BMXFIESTARIDE. So the official meet up spot for the BMX crew is at the entrance way arch to the hotel, which is right near registration for the ride. Regardless if you’re staying at the hotel or coming down on the bus, let’s all meet here at 9:30am. The ride leaves for Ensenada at 10am. Let’s roll deep on big BMX bikes! The ride is called “Rosarito to Ensenada” and it has been happening for the past 40 years. It is a 50 mile ride on a scenic main roadway that is closed to cars for the day. Thousands of riders will be doing the ride. And get this, over 30 miles of the ride runs directly along the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean! The ride starts in Rosarito at 10am and ends with a fiesta at the finish line in Ensenada. You can easily register for the ride when you get there. Or go RAMBO! There are two options to get to the ride: OPTION 1: Park in San Diego and take a chartered bus for you and your bike to and from the event. Check in to the bus at 6:30am, depart at 7:30am and return to San Diego around 8-9pm. Go to www.ESCAPEFORTHEWEEKEND.com for info and to reserve a spot on the bus. Use the code BMX for discounted price of $84! OPTION 2: Stay Saturday night (and make a weekend out if it!) in Rosarito at the host hotel www.ROSARITOBEACHHOTEL.com. This hotel is right on the beach and rooms are $120-$170 per night for a 4-person room. If you’re staying Sat night in Rosarito, there are tons of shuttles that you can will take you and your bike back to Rosarito for $22. So hit up your homies and lets get as many BMXers as possible down to Mexico to do this amazing ride. For sure we will all have the time of our lives on the “BMX FIESTA RIDE!”. The website for ALL additional info for the ride is www.ROSARITOENSENADA.com. Vamanos Amigos! LET’S GET IT!

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