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Mar 122015

SE’s Brand Manager, Todd Lyons has been riding down at the Sheep Hills trails in Huntington Beach, CA for the past 20+ years. He is considered as one of the SHL’s (Sheep Hills Locals). A few months ago, Todd saw a new face down at the trails. This guy’s name is Craig and he was down there nearly every day building an maintaining the jumps. Soon it became apparent that Craig literally lived down at the trails. He has been down on his luck and had set up camp and was living deep in the woods.  Todd soon found out that Craig did not have a home to go to, and it pained him to see Craig on a beat up bike. So Todd did what any whole-hearted BMXer would do. He cruised down to the trails the next day with an extra PK Ripper as a gift for Craig. He was so stoked to get a new bike! -And here Craig is, blasting some flatty’s on the PK Ripper. Now this is the BMX LIFE!1


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