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Fat Ripper Handles Everything!

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Feb 092017

Twisted700 isn’t worried about a little bit of snow! Chain the tires up and geta’ move on! The Fat Ripper can handle it if you can…


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Feb 082017

How’s this for a wild combination! Marshawn “BEASTMODE” Lynch, Skittles, and the Fat Ripper! Oh yeah, and in front of a castle in Scotland! Need to see the hilarious video again? Peep the top of our home page!

Hot off the Philly Press!

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Feb 072017

Have you ever heard our saying “Ride a bike, it will take you places”!? Well apparently @oneway_corey is. Peep him making headlines in the Philadelphia newspaper… shred on!

Fresh Colors!

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Feb 062017

Whatchou know about the SE Racing team colors back in 1977!? That’s right! Before the blue, brown, and tan, it was all about the red and yellow! And seeing as 2017 is the brand’s 40-Year Anniversary aka #40yearsofradness, we’re taking it back to the old school. Alex Miramontes ran a sneak peek of the uniform last weekend at the USABMX in nationals in Kentucky, and the rest of the team will be sporting the new OG colors next weekend at the Nationals in Phoenix. Can you dig it!? Rad photo by USABMX.

Unique Big Ripper!

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Feb 032017

Man, you’ve gotta hand it to @fairlane_2012 for some super rad n’ unique SE Bikes builds! Check out this work in progress: an orange Big Ripper with blue anodized parts and CHROME decals! Pure genius.

Droppin' In!

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Feb 022017

BAM! Check out that old-school Quad launch with Bottema forks! We’ve been in BMX since the beginning and have been getting RAD ever since! Droppin’ in!


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Feb 012017

Oh, you know, just another day for Marshawn “BEASTMODE” Lynch! Cruisin’ the “Fat Ripper” through Houston, Scotland passing out Skittles! Can’t beat that… shred on!

Marshawn "BEASTMODE" Lynch on the Fat Ripper in Houston, Scotland!

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Jan 312017

Now this is some entertainment! With this year’s NFL Superbowl coming up on Sunday in Houston, Texas, Marshawn “BEASTMODE” Lynch (Superbowl champ and all-time NFL beast) recently checked out Houston, Scotland on the “Fat Ripper”! Since his visit the video has gone viral with millions of views as well as features on ESPN.com, USAToday.com, Seahawks.com, SportsIllustrated.com and Esquire.com just to name a few. Hit play on the video below now to peep everything he got into…

It's all about Perspective

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Jan 302017

BAM! SE Bikes shredder Matt Cordova is currently working on a new film project. Peep this AMAZING T-Bog photo of Matt shot by Nathan Sykes! We can’t wait to see these clips!

Public Enemy Rideout on BikeRumor.com

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Jan 272017

A little bit of time has passed since the SE Bikes Public Enemy Rideout went down, but the hype is still alive. BikeRumor supplied the goods for us to re-live all the madness that went down in our double part series of the event. Shred on!

To peep the Rideout videos, click HERE.