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Weatherproof OM Flyer

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Jan 232017

With the winter months upon us, it’s refreshing to know that your ride can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. Peep @craig_kellerman’s OM Flyer braving the harsh winter conditions. Shred on!

There's No Time like Family Time

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Jan 202017

Some of the best ways to spend family time! @our.lowe.life showing the little one a rad time around on the SoCal Flyer! Can’t beat that!

RedBull's Vancouver Three Day Metro Pass with Kris Fox & Co.

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Jan 192017

RedBull and Dig BMX recently got pro riders Kris Fox, Corey Walsh, Dan Foley, and Sergio Layos together for a romp around Vancouver in their latest installment of the “Three Day Metro Pass” series. These transition beasts taking the city’s train line to all the incredible concrete Vancouver has to offer!? Count us in!

Peep the full video HERE!

Photo by Andrew White.

Marshawn Lynch goin' BEASTMODE on the Fat Ripper!

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Jan 182017

While we can’t condone the bus swerve, we can certainly be stoked that Marshawn “BEASTMODE” Lynch is out riding on the Fat Ripper! And getting mad press on all kinds of mainstream websites. Go get ’em Beastmode!


The Road Warrior

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Jan 172017

Now this is RAD! @h0000ps making it happen! There’s nothing like being on the open road with the bike on the bikes rack and nothing but good times ahead. Get out and ride!

PHOTOBOOTH: Matt Cordova

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Jan 162017

The guys over at Ride UK got together with SE Bikes shredder Matt Cordova to bring his passion off the bike to light: photography. Not only is Matt on top of his game on the bike, he regularly hangs out with other riders who are on top of their games as well. This makes for a perfect mixture. Peep the article and get a new perspective on Matt beyond the bike.

PHOTOBOOTH: Matt Cordova – Ride UK BMX

Know Your Roots!

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Jan 152017

This photo goes way, WAY back when the OM “enforced random urine tests” from all of the team riders. We take pride in sticking to our roots.

Miki Iibata Gets a New SE Bikes Weapon

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Jan 132017

Our Japanese ripper Miki Iibata will be ripping extra hard in Japan aboard her new “PK Ripper Super Elite”! Be on the lookout on a track around the world near you!

Don't Sleep on the New OM-Duro Video!

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Jan 112017

Get ready to BLAST! The OM-Duro web video dropped yesterday! Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see the full video! Here’s The Wildman putting the bike to the test with a monster wall ride in Huntington Beach, California.

The OM-Duro: The World's First 27.5+ BMX Mountain Bike!

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Jan 102017

In celebration of our 40 Year Anniversary, and in honor of SE’s founder, Scot Breithaupt, we bring to you a bike like you’ve never seen before. The all-new 27.5+ OM-Duro takes design cues and aesthetics from the legendary OM Flyer BMX bike and mixes in some radical mountain bike upgrades. This highly innovative bike comes in two sizes and features a Cr-Mo looptail frame, Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks, 27.5×3.0 Trax Fatty tires, a SRAM GX 1×10 drivetrain, disc brakes front and rear, and internal cable routing for a dropper seatpost.

SE Brand Manager, Todd Lyons not only designed the bike from the ground up, but also brought the first prototype bike home from the SE factory and put it through all types of real-world testing in various California locations. Trips to Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear, Sheep Hills, Laguna Canyon, street riding, and everywhere in between. He left no stone unturned. Introducing the 2017 OM-Duro, the world’s first 27.5+ BMX mountain bike. $849 USA MSRP.

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