Nine years old and part of the SE Crew!? @oneway_lilman is living the life! Read on to see what makes this pint-sized ripper tick.

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Philadelphia, PA.

How many SE bikes do you own?
My garage is full of SE bikes since my whole family rides. But personally, I currently own four of them: 16” LiL’ Quad, 16” Vans LiL’ Ripper, 20” Stealth Mode Ripper, and a 2022 Ripper 20”.

What’s your favorite SE bike?
The 20” Ripper is currently my favorite because I have progressed so much on that bike in just one year with tricks. It is the perfect bike for young kids to start combos on before advancing to the bigger bikes.

What’s your favorite place to ride and why?
Times Square in New York City because of all the bright lights, the traffic, and the amount of people who love to watch when you roll up.

What’s your favorite thing about bike life?
Going to rideouts and riding in large groups, because once we are together everyone is your friend and nothing else matters. Also I love being an inspiration to kids and adults of all ages.

What’s your secret to improving riding skills?
It’s simple: never give up. You don’t always complete a trick your first try. You have to stay persistent and want it. Keep trying. It doesn’t matter if it takes you one or 100 tries.

What’s something that people may not know about you?
How I got my nickname “Lilman”. When I was a baby I looked like a little man, so my mom and dad started calling me Lilman and it stuck with me ever since.

What advice would you give to someone just getting into bike life?
Buy an SE bike. Create an Instagram if you do not already have one. Find the local rideouts and begin having the most fun of your life.