There it is! And there he is! That’s Isaac Irvine from the Big Bike BMX page with the NEW Stealth Mode Big Flyer with purple hits! This bike is so mean looking! If you’re wondering why we gave him this first sample straight out of the brown box, that’s ‘cause we have chosen Isaac as the NEWEST team member of the SE Crew! That’s right, he is now a certified team rider! Isaac has been around BMX since the early ‘80s. He has a vast knowledge of BMX throughout the decades. And he likes to raise it up with the kids in and around his hometown of Gilbert, AZ! Oh, and he also runs the Big Bike BMX page and podcast! If you’re not giving it a listen or watching on YouTube, make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with all things Big Bike BMX! We’ll be dropping some close-ups of this amazing bike very soon. Keep it tuned in!