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Beast Mode Test

The Beast Mode Ripper is NFL legend Marshawn Lynch’s signature 27.5” BMX bike

This beast of a bike is ‘bout that action as it’s built with a super strong 6066 aluminum frame and full Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks centered around big ol’ 27.5” x 3.0” Speedster tires. The stopping power on this bad boy is on point with Avid BB 5 disc brakes front and rear. Doesn’t matter if you’re going on a chill ride, raising it up through your hood or showing some bunnies on some jumps, just don’t forget to take care of yo’ chicken!

This year's Beastmode Ripper marks the 4th year of the limited edition Beastmode Ripper collab with Marshawn Lynch and his brand Beastmode. The first collaboration happened in 2018, and featured a slick black and gold bike. From there a silver and black bike with newly added front brake was released in 2019, a nod to his time on the Oakland Raiders. In 2020 the popular Money Lynch - a $100 bill wrap was released at the annual Oakland Rideout. And this year, the Golden Beastmode Ripper is making waves in the BikeLife community. Hang around to see what we have coming next!

Unboxing the Beastmode Ripper

Check out @damon_vw_guy going BEAST MODE with the unboxing of the new Beast Mode Ripper! 💪🏽 We told you, it’s “Golden.”

What better way to celebrate the release of the Golden Beast Mode Ripper than with an Oakland Rideout with Beastmode himself, Marshwn Lynch! 💪🏽 The ride was DEEP with thousands of riders rolling through Oakland and the surrounding areas. Head over to to check out the Beast Mode Ripper in full detail and see which local shop can get you on this awesome beast of a bike.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Im 52 years old and 6'4". I was worried this bike would be too small.... WRONG! It reminds me of my days as a kid in the 80's back when I was riding BMX. Love the gold and how "in your face" it is along with the graphics and color scheme. If you want to have fun and get noticed this might be the ride for you.

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