Kief Laughron

Bike life has taken Kief Laughron to awesome rideouts across the country, making countless friends and memories along the way. Now that's bike life!

Questions & Answers

What's your full name? My name is Kief Fisher Laughron. What's you Instagram handle? @kief25. It's a combination of my first name and my basketball jersey number when I was a kid. How old are you? I’m 20 years old, born on 7/11/2003. Where do you live? I live in Santa Cruz California  What's it like riding for SE Bikes? Amazing. They always take care of me by making sure I have somewhere to stay when traveling, and always keep me riding something new and looking fresh in their gear. How did you get into bike life? My father got me my first SE bike when I was about ten years old, and he and Damon Dayton help me build it How far can you wheelie? As far as the eye can see. But for real, I would say I can’t consistently wheelie for about three miles. What's the bike life scene like where you live? It’s mainly the youth out here riding, making their own groups. And, of course, the older generation reliving their youth. What is your favorite ting about bike life? All the connections you make with people all over the world by simply riding a bike. It’s amazing.  What's the best rideout you've ever been on? Everybody’s Rideout in New York City in 2022. Where is your favorite place to ride? Santa Cruz near the beach and boardwalk. It’s peaceful and the views are amazing. How many SE bikes do you currently own? I have a total of 12 SE bikes: white Monster Quad, blue Monster Ripper, black and blue Vans Big Ripper, blue and red Vans Big Ripper, Red Ano Big Ripper, silver 27.5 PK Ripper, DBlocks Big Ripper, blue and brown Big Flyer, silver Monster Quad, Public Enemy Big Ripper, Pabst Blue Ribbon OM Flyer, and Money Wrap OM Flyer. How many followers do you have on Instagram? Currently at 7,885 followers. What is your favorite SE bike? The Monster Quad because I really like the 29" rims with the plus-size tire. It’s comfortable and stable, and it looks amazing. Are you part of a riding crew? My father and I are the founders of Santa Cruz Maniacs. What is a fun fact the people may not know about you? I have my motorcycle license and I like riding in the mountains. What advice would you give to someone getting into bike life today? Don’t be afraid or nervous to fall. It happens to everyone. And advice for doing wheelies: your back brake is your best friend. What's your secret to improving your riding skills? Practice tricks in an open, safe area, and then try them on downhills once I have them down. What would you be doing if you never found bike life? I’m honestly not sure, but probably just working and living a boring life. Will you ever quit riding? Never. It brings me peace.