Kris Fox

You will be hard-pressed to find a rider who rides bowls like Kris Fox. His speed, style, and tricks make him a joy to watch every time he drops in on his signature SE Gaudium.

Questions & Answers

What’s your full name? Kris Fox. What's your Instagram? @krisfoxbmx. How old are you? 34. Where do you live? Currently ramblin’ around all over. What’s it like riding for SE Bikes? It’s like family and has been the last 12 or so years. How did you get into riding? Once I felt a BMX as a kid I knew I would never do anything else. What’s the riding scene like where you live? I travel all over the world and there are countless amazing BMX scenes every place I’ve been. What is your favorite thing about riding? It’s fun, shows me the world, and gives me the freedom to do my thing. Where is your favorite place to ride? Australia or Colorado. They each have some of my favorite bowls and some of the best people to ride with. How many SE bikes do you currently own? My signature SE Gaudium is my main rig. How many followers do you have on Instagram? Eighty-seven thousand or so. What is your favorite SE bike? The SE Gaudium because it was built for the deep-end. Are you part of a riding crew? Definitely am. The crew is called Fast and Loose. What is a fun fact that people may not know about you? I’ve written a few novels. Not sure if they’re any good, but they’re out there. What advice would you give to someone getting into riding today? Keep it light, have fun, and always do it the way you want to do it. What’s your secret to improving your riding skills? Ride everyday and don’t take things too seriously. What would you be doing if you never found riding? Perhaps would have learned to play an instrument. Will you ever stop riding? Of course not.