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Todd Lyons


BMX Comments Off on Escorts
Jan 052017

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Kris Fox at the X-Games today

BMX Comments Off on Kris Fox at the X-Games today
Jun 052015

Kris Fox is competing in BMX Park at the X-Games TODAY in Austin, Texas.  Tune into ESPN 3 from 3-5pm ET to watch him shred the course live! Or click here to watch on your computer or smart phone.


Photo by Ryan Guettler


Sheep Hills Local!

BMX Comments Off on Sheep Hills Local!
Mar 122015

SE’s Brand Manager, Todd Lyons has been riding down at the Sheep Hills trails in Huntington Beach, CA for the past 20+ years. He is considered as one of the SHL’s (Sheep Hills Locals). A few months ago, Todd saw a new face down at the trails. This guy’s name is Craig and he was down there nearly every day building an maintaining the jumps. Soon it became apparent that Craig literally lived down at the trails. He has been down on his luck and had set up camp and was living deep in the woods.  Todd soon found out that Craig did not have a home to go to, and it pained him to see Craig on a beat up bike. So Todd did what any whole-hearted BMXer would do. He cruised down to the trails the next day with an extra PK Ripper as a gift for Craig. He was so stoked to get a new bike! -And here Craig is, blasting some flatty’s on the PK Ripper. Now this is the BMX LIFE!1


The SE Factory Squad on the Podium!

BMX Comments Off on The SE Factory Squad on the Podium!
Mar 092015

Congrats to the SE Factory Squad for getting a 2nd and a 3rd in the Factory Team competition this weekend at the USA BMX nationals in Louisiana! This was the team’s best weekend of the year. All of the amateur riders won at least once main event and the team racked up TWELVE wins in total! Props to the riders:

Tomas Fernandez

Chris Schoonover

Ava Corley

Alex Miramontes

Junior Flores

Jayce Patin

And sorry we don’t have more action photos. But that’s because our team manager, Chris Schoonover was busy taking care of the team and also winning the 36-40x class BOTH days! “We Make It Happen!”


SE Bikes February Newsletter!

BMX Comments Off on SE Bikes February Newsletter!
Mar 062015
Have you signed up to receive our MONTHLY newsletter ? If not,

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Below is the 2nd newsletter of the year, theFebruary newsletter.

Check it out! And don’t forget to sign up.

                                        SE Newsletter – February 2015
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We’ve all seen someone do a wheelie on a bike, right? But we can guarantee you’ve never seen anyone

wheelie like Dblocks! MTV.com recently took notice and posted clips of him busting his crazy wheelies

on his TB x Famous Big Ripper and Floval Flyer Looptail. Dblocks’ skills are so off the charts that he

has over 118,000 Instagram followers! Check him out @rrdblocks.


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We’ve been hard at work designing, developing, testing, and refining the newest addition to the SE line: the

Fat Ripper! Built with 26 x 3.5″ tiresand disc brakes, this BMX bike is a game changer. Watch – nothing can

stop this beast! It will be available with the rest of our 2016 line of bikes later this summer. Are you ready?

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SE Brand Manager Todd Lyons recently traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to explore the wild streets and skateparks

on his PK Ripper. Aaron Nardi tagged along and filmed the trip for X-Games.com and shot photos for a story

on TheHundreds.com.


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Chris Schoonover has not only put together the all-new SE Racing Factory Squad (that’s currently ranked #3 in

the USA BMX sanction!), but he’s also been killing it in the 36-40 Expert class with

some big wins this season on his PK Ripper Elite XL!



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Larry Edgar has scored a TON of magazine coverage lately, including the above piece in BMX Plus! magazine. His riding
is definitely getting noticed by the media. It seems like you can’t open a BMX magazine without seeing
some rad shots of Larry in action.
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You know that SE has deep BMX roots, right? The brand was founded in 1977 by

the Godfather of BMX, Scot Breithaupt, during the early days of Bicycle Motocross.

The Joe Kid on a Stingray movie documents not only the birth of BMX, but also the

birth of SE Racing. We now have the SE chapters from the film posted directly on the

History page of the SE website.


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Kris Fox is in New Zealand right now for the Redbull #tiptotail 3-week BMX mayhemtrip traversing the entire length of the beautiful country. Follow @krisfox on Instagramto keep tabs on the trip. 

Photo by www.graememurray.com.


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Guess who has come back to SE Racing? That’s right, Stu! Stu Who? Stay tuned….


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Thought we just made cool BMX bikes? Better think again! Check out the Tripel Step-Through. Built

with a super stylish, low step-through frame, this bike is perfect for zipping around city streets while

hopping on and off with ease. The Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal coaster brake keeps the aesthetics

clean, while also adding some extra gears for comfortable cruising.


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Dave Bittner Back on the Scene!

BMX Comments Off on Dave Bittner Back on the Scene!
Mar 052015

If you were around the East Coast NBL BMX race scene in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, for sure you know who Dave Bittner is. He was a prominent A-Pro racer as well as the track director at the world famous South Park, PA BMX track. He was also the the owner of South Park Cycles bike shop for 5yrs. He went on to be one of the top Vet Pro racers in the NBL before moving out to California and taking a break from racing. Anyhoo, Bittner has just reclassified to the 36-40x class and is back on the scene! He showed up in Phoenix on his PK Ripper Elite a couple weeks back and straight BLASTED the competition. He won class both days. He won cruiser on Saturday & he didn’t race it on Sunday. So he went three for three! He had some heated battles with SE Racing’s Chris Schoonover as well in the mains. -Keep an eye out on the top of the podiums for this guy this year.


SE Bikes Worldwide!

BMX Comments Off on SE Bikes Worldwide!
Mar 032015

Check out Lucie Meerholz and the entire Fritz Belgium aboard their SE bikes! Keep an eye out for the team all across Europe this summer.

Kris Fox Wild in New Zealand

BMX Comments Off on Kris Fox Wild in New Zealand
Feb 262015

We told you that Kris Fox was on a WILD Red Bull trip in New Zealand, right? Well check out these pics from the North Island of his adventurous trip. He’s now moved south the the South Island!

Photo 1. Capsizing our boat down the largest commercially rafted waterfall in Rotorua, NZ.

Photo 2. Whipping it out in @langersbmx backyard in Cambridge, NZ.

Photo 3. Accepting a peace offering during our introduction into the Rangitihi Marae in Rotorua, NZ.

All photos taken by @graememurraynz


Dblocks on the Freestyle Quad!

BMX Comments Off on Dblocks on the Freestyle Quad!
Feb 252015

Thought Dblocks only had wheelie skills on the back wheel!?


Kris Fox in New Zealand

BMX Comments Off on Kris Fox in New Zealand
Feb 242015
Kris Fox performs during the Red Bull Tip To Tail in Mount Maunganui,  NZ on February 17th, 2015

Kris Fox performs during the Red Bull Tip To Tail in Mount Maunganui, NZ on February 17th, 2015

Have you been wondering what Kris Fox has been up to!? Well, he’s been traveling all over New Zealand for the past couple weeks on the Red Bull NZ #tiptotail trip! He’s traveling with BMX shredders Mike Hucker and Corey Bohan. This photo is of Kris Fox bustin’ a one-footed grizz air is from Mount Maunganui, NZ. Keep tabs on @krisfoxbmx on Instagram for some NZ radness as it unfolds!