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Let’s Get Kids on Bikes!

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May 142019

Who did it better!? Check out this father/son “Raise it up!” moment brought to you by SE Factory Squad team member Jason Morris with his lil’ man, Camden on his ”Micro Ripper”! This pic is super rad and speaks to our continuing movement: #letsgetkidsonbikes!

Mother’s Day!

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May 132019

Thanks to all the SE BMX moms out there who posted up in celebration of Mother’s Day! We hope it was RAD!

Monster Quad!

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May 092019

We received a MONSTER shipment of bikes! The Monster Quad has arrived!

Kris Fox at ACT Jam

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May 082019

ACT Jam went down in Canberra, Australia recently and Kris Fox was on hand doing his thang! He won best rider at the Bent Spoke Brewery Jam on the last day! Peep the air! Photo by Cooper Brownlee.

Game of Thrones Big Flyer

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May 062019

You know @gregorygreens can’t wait for the next episode! Check out his Game of Thrones Big Flyer! This bike is so cool, it is truly fitting for the king of the north!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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May 052019

Hola BMXamigos! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Been Here From The Beginning

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May 032019

We ain’t new to this. Our founder, Scott “OM” Breithaupt was raising it up with style back in the early 1970’s!

Tyler The Creator Reppin’!

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May 022019

Tyler The Creator is down for that SE Bikes life! Proof?! Peep for yourself!

PK Beauty!

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Apr 302019

Check out “BMX Lover’s” 1981 PK Ripper looptail with so many classic parts! This bike is the epitome of old school BMX!

All About the Details

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Apr 282019

All about the details! Peep this RAD metal number plate! Now that’s whassup!