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Epic Ride on the #SEPROTOTYPE - From LA to SD!

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Jan 192018

In the spirit of our legendary motto of “BMX Innovations,” we went deep into the design lab this winter to develop an AWESOME new SE bike. We took one of our big wheeled BMX bikes and redeveloped it with a SRAM 1×10 drivetrain, front and rear disc brakes, integrated headset, and internal cable routing. We put Todd “Wildman” Lyons on the bike to test it out on a 3-day adventure with his buddy Giovanni, from Los Angeles to San Diego. The cameras followed along for the 190+ mile ride along the beautiful Southern California coast. BMX legend Perry “PK Ripper” Kramer even joined in for the last leg of the ride! Todd said the bike rode like a dream and handled all the hills, curves, and miles with ease. As of now, this bike is still in the early PROTOTYPE stage, but look out for the final version of it to come out in the summer of 2018. LET’S GET IT!

Mike Buff's One-Off Fat Ripper

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Jan 172018

Check out Mike Buff’s fully customized one-off Fat Ripper! And look at those custom colored black sidewall Vee Chicane tires. This thing is a BEAST!

Kris Fox Featured in "Eyeballs" Photo Gallery

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Jan 162018

The guys over at Dig BMX recently posted up a rad photo gallery by fellow BMX/photographer @dallas_dunn. Kris Fox has a couple photos featured in there and they rule! Speed and style to the fullest. If you want to check out the entire gallery, click here!

One More of the #seprototype

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Jan 152018

This thing is quite the weapon! It made it from Los Angeles to San Diego with ease. The sky is the limit. Keep on the lookout this summer…

The Wildman Has Made it to SD

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Jan 132018

They made it! A total of 191 miles from Los Angeles to San Diego. This #seprototype bike just changed the game! Huge shoutout to @geecrizz for doing the entire ride while carrying camera gear and necessities in his bike bags. Props to @oldschoolpk for joining in on the final 50 miles today on his 26” PK Ripper. And super mad props to @toddlyons for dreaming up this Prototype bike and putting it through the test over the past three days. If you love this bike, it will be available this summer. The official name and complete parts spec and geometry will be announced in the spring. But as for now, you can call it the SE PROTOTYPE!

The Wildman Has Made it to Oceanside

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Jan 122018

The Wildman has made it 120 miles on the #seprototype and he’s still got 50 more to go! The mud, the beaches, nor the traffic on Interstate 5 can stop this beast! The crew will depart from Oceanside today, with the addition of one more… none other than the “PK Ripper” himself, Perry Kramer! See ya in SD, fellas.

The Wildman Has Made it to HB

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Jan 112018

Todd “The Wildman” Lyons is currently on the road from LA to SD aboard the brand new #seprototype. Last night he made it into Huntington Beach from Los Angeles, today he charges on. And this #seprototype we’ve been speaking of? That’s what it be. What’d YOU think it was?

#seprototype LA to SD

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Jan 102018

The maiden voyage sets off today! The Wildman himself will be cranking the #seprototype down the coast of Southern California starting in LA and ending in SD. Keep on the lookout!

SE Prototype

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Jan 092018

Always innovating…

Lil' Ripper in a Big Bowl

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Jan 082018

Check it out that focus! Mike Schwartz has a very happy little dude. He’s out there shredding on the Lil’ Ripper! Start ’em young, let’s get kids on bikes.