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Way Back Wednesday!

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Dec 132017

Now this is BMX! That’s Toby Henderson plowing through the pack of AA Pros on his Quadangle way back in the day. There’s no denying how deep our BMX roots are!

SE Bikes Tires

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Dec 122017

You can’t get very far without tires on your bike! And we got ‘em coming! 20”, 24”, 26”, 29”, and 26×3.50” for the Fat Ripper! And in multiple colors! Shred on!

Kris Fox Featured in People Are Awesome's Best of 2017

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Dec 112017

Kris Fox has been featured in People Are Awesome’s “Best Videos of the Year”! Their YouTube channel has followers in the millions and the video is climbing in views. Nothing like showing BMX off to the masses! Peep the video below and look for Kris at the 0:17 mark!

SE Bikes Flyer Seat

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Dec 082017

Errrrrrbody keeps asking about them SE seats being available, well here’s our first offerings! The Flyer seat in three different colors. And you KNOW that these come equipped with bottle opener braces in the rear! Available through and SE dealer and coming soon!

The #sefactorysquad Gets Some Hardware

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Dec 072017

The USABMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma has come and gone, and the #sefactorysquad acquired some hardware to show for it! What a way to cap off a great year. And you know they ain’t stoppin’ there. See ya in 2018!

SE Bikes Blitz Seat

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Dec 062017

The SE Blitz seat will be available soon! And yes, it come equipped with an SE bottle opener brace in the rear. You know we got’chu!

Matt Cordova on the Mend

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Dec 052017

Matt Cordova recently went under the knife to repair a dead bone in his ankle. If he has been ripping this hard the entire time, we can’t wait to see what he can produce when he’s fully healthy again. Heal up soon, Matt!

SE Bikes Pedals

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Dec 042017

SE Bear Traps are coming soon! Never slip a pedal! And if you do? Well, you’re really not a BMXer until you’ve got some bear trap claw marks running up your shin. Don’t be skewered! Are YOU a true BMXer? Do you have the scars to prove it?

Unboxing the Mike Buff Big Ripper

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Dec 022017

There’s nothing like seeing that SE Bikes box show up! Peep this rad video put together Dan Cannon as he builds up his BRAND NEW Mike Buff Big Ripper! Shred on, Dan!

SE Wing Grips

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Dec 012017

Get a grip, man! Check out our new SE Wing grips, coming in four different colors. New grips are the cheapest & easiest way to freshen up your ride. Available SOON!