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Larry Edgar is no stranger to blasting everything to the moon… literally. Peep this new Stay Strong Ad to see exactly what we are talking about. Larry rules!

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Jan 292015

From winning races in his Pro career to now managing the SE Factory Squad and… oh.. still winning races! Give Chris “Schoony” Schoonover a follow on Instagram and see what goes on behind the scenes of the SE Factory Squad!


The title of this one explains it all! A few issues ago, RideBMX magazine dropped their top 5 “Most Underrated Riders in BMX” and SE Bike’s very own Kris Fox made the list. You can peep the article below… Nice stuff Foxy!

Ride 2014 10 Oct Kris Fox Article

After their strong debut at the USABMX Las Vegas season opener, the SE Factory Squad was back at it again at the Sooner Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma! With only three riders from the squad there, that did not stop them from racking up even more solid finishes!

First up was 7x Jayce Patin who, before this past weekend, had never got a national win. He can now scratch that off the list by getting not only his first 7 expert win on Saturday, he had a 7 year-old cruiser win to go with it. Nothing like getting a double and a first career win at the same time! Sunday was just as good with a 3rd place in cruiser and yet another big 1st place in 7x! Next up was 8x Junior Flores. Even a spin out of the gate and a come back ride from last place to first place in a semi couldn’t keep him out of leading all weekend. The winning didn’t stop there as he won BOTH mains BOTH days. 1st place in 8x and open Saturday and backing it up with 1st place in 8x and open Sunday to give him his first career double-double! Nice! Team manager and all around shredder “Schoony” came up with solid finishes as well. And with solid finishes we mean two 1st place finishes on Saturday and Sunday in 36-40x! One of those wins came in the form of a bar bangin’ comeback ride from fourth to first! Our A-Pro Tomas Fernandez was also on hand and found himself in the stacked A-Pro mains both days. In those mains he rounded out two 5th place finishes to cap off yet even more solid results for the SE Factory Squad!

In the end, SE Racing hauled in results that consisted of our pro making his mains both days, 10 for 10 main events made with 10 for 10 podiums and 9 out of 10 wins! Those finishes yet again turned some heads and USABMX quoted on their website: “For 2015, SE Bikes has a new team manager in former AA-pro Chris Schoonover, and he’s put together a might impressive group of Lil’ Rippers — which just so happens to also be the name of the frames they are riding.” as well as “The year is still young, but it looks as if the new Schoony-led SE squad is going to make their mark in the USA BMX circuit.” Congrats guys and keep up the great work!

Photos taken by BMXNews.com.

15sooner_sun_DSC_2145 Chris Schoonover

15sooner_sun_DSC_2256 Jayce Patin

15sooner-sat-DSC_2063 Junior Flores

Jan 262015

Ever wonder what SE Bikes shredder Larry Edgar gets into on a daily basis?! Be sure to follow @larry_edgar on Instagram and get your fix of all the BMX shredding, car drifting, and traveling you can handle!


At One with the Sun

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Jan 252015

In honor of Sunday, we decided to throw up this quick photo before the intensity of the week starts. The 2008 OM Flyer & an amazing sunset. A match made in heaven!


The F@R on the Beach!

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Jan 232015

Check out Victor from Alligator’s Cycling gettin’ it on our 2015 F@R bike on Howard Beach beach in Florida! Looks fun, doesn’t it!?

Check out the information you need on the F@R bike by clicking HERE.


Rad Awning

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Jan 222015

Peep this unique and RAD awning that hangs outward over the top of Division One bike shop in Austin, TX! It is made out of SE Bikes Quadangle frames and it is definitely a piece of art… Nice!




Jan 212015

The guys over at Demolition Parts recently put together this poster to go on the back of their 2015 parts catalog. It consists of SE Bike’s Kris Fox wrenching a lookback beyond the clicked point! Also, if this photo looks familiar, it might be because it is the same photo used for the giant window display on the side of Epic BMX bike shop here in Orange County… Nice!

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.59.25 PM

Jan 202015

As of late, SE Bikes shredder Ross Lanier has been all over Southern California riding, shredding, shooting photos, and filming. Peep a couple photos below of Ross getting RAD at a few of his local skateparks. Also, if you see him at your local park or trails, be sure to say YO!

Photos by Ryan Guettler.