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Oct 162014

A super stiff frame with a bi-oval downtube, alloy Landing Gear forks, Alienation Ankle Biter rims, and Tioga Powerblock tires, the Ripper X is one of the quickest and coolest bikes on the BMX track. MSRP: $549




Over the weekend, the Monster Army Recon Tour stopped off at the Claremont Stakepark in San Diego, CA. SE Bike’s Larry Edgar made the quick trip south for the cause. Larry was ON FIRE all day boosting airs, dipping 360s, and always laughing. After it was all said and done, he scored an extremely solid 3rd place in PRO. His next stop is Texas Toast in Austin, TX that kicks off this weekend. Nice work Larry and good luck!


Photo by Fat Tony.


Photo by Gale Webb.


Oct 142014

SE’s Kris Fox recently spent some time in North Carolina for Red Bull Dreamline. Dreamline is an elite dirt contest with Red Bull finding land and constructing one of the biggest & baddest trail lines you will ever see. Like everyone already knew, this years course was insane! Kris did his thing with his signature style and he said it was one of the funnest times he has ever had. Peep some photos below of Kris getting rad!


Photo by @5050bmx.


Photo by @5050bmx.


Photo by @crookedworldbmx.

Oct 132014

Staying true to our claim of “BMX Innovations,” the Ripper Jr features a lightweight 6066alloy frame with a bi-oval downtube – resulting in the stiffest & fastest Ripper Jr ever. Tioga Power Block tires and Alienation Ankle Biter rims round out the killer package. MSRP: $549




Made to Ride!

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Oct 102014

Some of our retro bikes look like pieces of art. Something that you would maybe hang on the wall and display for your friends. But don’t let the good looks fool you, because these bikes are ready to RIDE!




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Oct 092014

Herbie Smith is down for LIFE!

Jenna says “no clipless.” We have to agree with her on this one!

Oct 072014

The guys over at Demolition Parts recently sat down with Kris and asked him a couple questions about his crazy year so far as well as what he has planned for the future. Kris has been all over the planet as of late, so we are pumped to get all of the details of his travels from his angle.

“To say Kris Fox is having an awesome year would be a huge understatement, throw in a couple of overwhelmingly positive descriptive words and a couple of expletives out of excitement and then you might be in the ballpark of describing the kind of year Kris has been having. Between traveling to the far corners of the globe to ride, getting the invite to the biggest contests of the year, to rubbing elbows on trips with the legends of the sport, Kris has been non-stop so when I had the chance to ask his a few questions about all this I jumped on it. Click on the post to check what Kris had to say and while your at it be sure to click through some photos from Kris’ year.” -Demolition Parts

To peep the full article, CLICK HERE!


Photo by Steve Bancroft

The all-new 24” Floval Flyer XL Frame is for the cruiser racer who wants a little extra room on his cruiser as well as adding stability to the ride. With a 3/4” longer top tube than the Floval Flyer, this frame will give you all the room you need to get out of the gate fast and feel comfortable through the rhythm section. MSRP: $259


Has the 2015 PK Ripper ever looked hotter?! We think not! This rad girl is non other than Jenna Tails and it’s safe to say that the two are the perfect match! Photo by the talented Steven Spoons.