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Twisted7000 Rips!

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Nov 202018

Twisted700 straight wildin’ all day every day! He’s always out doin’ his thang! Shred on!

SE Worldwide

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Nov 192018

Are you living outside of the USA and riding an SE bike!? Well, we want to see ya! So post up your pics, use the Instagram hashtag #SEWORLDWIDE and let us know where you are from and we’ll shout you out to the rest of the world!

DBlocks Stickers with the DBlocks Big Ripper!

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Nov 162018

Did you know the undisputed king of the streets also gets his own signature sticker set to be included with his Dblocks Big Ripper!? Peep below to see the stickers, the bike, and the king of the streets! 

PK Ripper Art

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Nov 142018

This PK Ripper illustration is so rad! Drawing by @haihaitoon.

On Fire!

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Nov 132018

Check this out from Germany! Udo Wagner is straight fire on his Floval Flyer! Amazing photo by Stefan Lechthaler.

Tyler The Creator on a Blocks Flyer

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Nov 122018

Anybody see Tyler The Creator roll out on stage on his Blocks Flyer at the @campfloggnaw concert festival at Dodger Stadium in LA!? It was amazing. Photo by Phil Toselli.

Fresh Pad Sets!

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Nov 082018

Look at all them new pad sets! That’s right, five (5!) new options in two different designs. Three retro pad sets and two SE Bikes Life padsets. Scroll through and check ‘em out in detail. In stock and available NOW through any SE Bikes dealer. $24.99 MSRP.

SE Racing Key Chain!

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Nov 072018

In stock now and available through SE dealers. Who’s gettin’ this stainless steel radness!? $9.99 MSRP.

SE Crew!

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Nov 052018

We’re HYPED to announce the first four riders that we’ve chosen to be part of the “SE CREW”!: @Oneway_stephan, @oneway_ry_215, @k_blocks209, and @bs.ballout are all going to be hooked up with SE bikes, gear, and all kinds of cool SE stuff all throughout the year. Each of these riders have been holding it down and representing SE Bikes for quite a while. They are killer dudes who will continue to spread the good word of the #sebikeslife. We’ll be adding some more riders to the SE Crew in the near future. But in the meantime, lets welcome these guys to the SE Crew!

The Wheelie Culture in Bicycling Magazine

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Nov 022018

Peep this! The much revered Bicycling Magazine has a fresh article on the Wheelie Culture movement! Peep the article HERE, have a good read, then get out and shred! It’s on!