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Kris Fox on the Podium

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Dec 052016

Ryan Guettler threw a Vans contest at the Vans Skatepark in The Block yesterday and everything raised would be donated towards Scotty Cranmer and his road to recovery. The contest had the entire mall boomin’ and after it was all said and done, Kris Fox ended up with the “Best Style” award and 3rd place in the mini ramp contest. Well done!

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Fresh 26" PK Ripper Bike Check

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Dec 022016

There’s very few feelings as good as building up a fresh new bike straight out of the box. Peep this RAD bike check on one of our 26″ PK Rippers put together by Michael Wikan. FRESH, FRESH, FRESH!!!

XXXL SE Shirts Now Available!

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Dec 012016

We’ve got some good news for all of you BIG guys out there! Along with all of our other sizes, we now have 3X shirts available in all designs! From Small to 3X, we’ve got you covered. $22 MSRP. And you can buy them HERE!





#sefactorysquad at the 2016 USABMX Grand Nationals

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Nov 302016

Every year the BMX racing world gears up for a migration to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the USABMX Grand Nationals. This year’s “Greatest Race On Earth” is now in the rearview mirror, and after the dust had settled, the #sefactorysquad came up HUGE! Javier Colombo came up with two solid 3rd Place finishes in Vet PRO while the ultra-fast Jason Morris TRIPPLED the ROC and Grands (that’s SIX main event wins in all) securing the NAG #1 plate in dominating fashion.

Jason Morris taking his 2017 PK Ripper Super Elite XL to SIX wins on the weekend!
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Ava Corley showing off her new hardware.
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Our 10 year-old shredders came up huge as well with Ava Corley reeling in two 2nd place finishes in class and cruiser, bringing home the NAG #2 plate, while Junior Flores won 10x! Junior’s win happened to be a huge upset as that particular class had seen the same winner the last four years in a row. Our new pick up, Dominique Smith, brought in an extremely solid 2nd place in the 17-20 girl class.

Junior Flores showing off his big win in 10 Expert!
Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.50.27 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.52.02 AM

What a rad weekend and great year it was. We are already looking forward to the next one. See everyone in the gate next year! Shred on!

Kris Fox Wallpaper

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Nov 292016

Lookin’ to give your work environment a little something extra? Well peep the new Demolition Parts Kris Fox desktop wallpapers! You’ll be pumped the entire day!



The Fat Ripper Reviewed and Tested on Seth's Bike Hacks' YouTube Channel!

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Nov 282016

The Fat Ripper has a RAD review on Seth’s Bike Hacks’ YouTube Channel. His channel is extremely popular with 180,000 plus subscribers and a ton of interaction, so it’s cool to see 300,000 views and 700 plus comments on the review. Cheers Seth for putting the Fat Ripper to the test!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Nov 242016

Happy Thanksgiving from SE Bikes! Peep Kris Fox’s personal Gaudium soaking up the holiday. Be sure to tuck the turkey belly in before you get to shreddin’!

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The Evolution of the Big Ripper to the Public Enemy Rideout

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Nov 222016

Here ya have it! A two part video series that documents the evolution of the Big Ripper all the way to the Public Enemy Rideout. Be sure to peep both parts of the series below! And if you haven’t yet, be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for tons of RAD videos in the world of SE Bikes!

In part 1 SE Bikes’ Brand Manager, Todd Lyons walks you through the thought process and history of the world’s first 29” BMX bike, the Big Ripper. It is a little known fact that in 2008, the first-ever Big Ripper bikes were made specifically for Rob Dyrdek and Big Black to ride in an episode the hit MTV show “Rob & Big.” Over the years, there have been many variations of the Big Ripper, including the new 2017 collaboration bike with world-renowned hip hop group, Public Enemy. And now with major Instagram hype from the New York wheelie king Dblocks, the Big Ripper has undoubtedly become the bike to have amongst the riders in the bikelife movement.

In part 2 Todd Lyons hooks up with Dblocks and the Cycle Squad Maniaccs in Harlem for a ride of a lifetime! The crew meets up with 100’s of other riders as they band together to bum rush the show on a wild ride through Manhattan and all the way to Brooklyn to a Public Enemy concert. Public Enemy’s main front man, Chuck D sees the swarm of riders arrive to the show and immediately comes to meet the guys, give high-fives, and to check out the Public Enemy Big Ripper collaboration bike. The night was definitely louder than a bomb and ended with back stage passes and front row seats to the Public Enemy concert. Yeah Boyeeee!

The "Public Enemy Ride Out" Video Drops Tomorrow

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Nov 212016

The countdown is on! We’ll be dropping the “Public Enemy Ride Out” video tomorrow! You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Fight the Power.

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The USABMX Grand Nationals Are Coming!

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Nov 192016

Jason Morris absolutely killed his competition last year at the USABMX Grand Nationals. He TRIPLED! Meaning that he won his class, cruiser, and open class. Such an outstanding feat. Think he can do it again this year!? (We think so!) We’ll see next week!

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 11.35.58 AM