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Come Hang with DBlocks and Marlowe!

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Jan 142019

This weekend! Come ride and hang with @rrdblocks and @rustedjalopy_ at Mega Cycle in Florida! Let’s get it!

The 2019 PK Ripper Looptail

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Jan 092019

The new 2019 PK Ripper Looptail is hitting shops NOW! Who’s scored one of these rare gems already!? Only 250 are available in the USA. The PK Ripper is the most famous and longest-running BMX bike in the history of the sport. This year SE has adorned each Looptail with the “PK” of the “PK Ripper” Perry Kramer’s signature. This bike also comes equipped with Redline Flight cranks, a Kashimax RS seat, Oakley B-1B grips, super knobby CST Caesar tires, and Skyway Tuff II Tuffwheels with gold rivet flanges. Quite simply, old school BMX doesn’t get any better than this.

New Beastmode Shipments!

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Jan 082019

Lookin’ to go BEASTMODE in the streets?! Look no further, new Beastmode shipments are hitting dealers now! Photo by Malcolm Wallace.


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Jan 072019

With the turn of another year we just want to remind you that we’ve been around for a while already! Spring Break ‘86! Thats the UK’s Sid Salisbury blasting on his Quad on the cover! Oh, yeah!

#wildmangaragegiveaway Winners

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Jan 042019

Here we GOOO! These are the trading cards that are getting sent out today to the 11 winners of the #happynewyearsebikes contests! Super rad collectible SE trading cards. And most of them are signed by the riders! Keep it tuned in for more #wildmangaragegiveaway contests going down!

Kris Fox Kickin' Off the New Year

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Jan 032019

Kris Fox kickin’ 2019 off the right way… on his bike! Make it a point to pull whatever bike you want out of the garage and rip this year! Photo by Nick Tellez.

We Ride as One

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Dec 282018

As we finish up this year we’d like to thank everyone who has ever joined us for a ride, bought an SE bike, or even just simply rode a bike from any brand. The important thing is that we are all out there riding. Let’s put our best foot forward to spend more time on our bikes and get even more people to ride. Together, We Ride as One.

Santa Blocks!

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Dec 262018

Anyone catch the Santa Blocks sighting?! If not, no worries! We got you! Peep the video below to catch Dblocks give away free bikes for Christmas. Shred on!

Happy Holidays!

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Dec 242018

Looks who’s coming to town! And with a bag full of SE goodies! Merry BMX-Mas! This drawing is from 40yrs ago in 1978 by Bob Haro. We’ve been here for years!

Past, Present, and Future Radness!

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Dec 212018

If you know anything about SE Bikes, you know that we like to create community, friendship and culture in the bike world. Oh, and we like to create awesome bikes! Check out all of the unique bikes that we have created over the years:
BIG RIPPER: Ten years ago in our 2009 line, SE was the first company to come out with a 29” bike. Since then we have come out with the 29” Quadangle, 29” Big Flyer, and 29” STR-29 Quadangle. We created the 29” BMX market.
FAST RIPPER: This year SE is the first company to come out with a 29” geared BMX bike with disc brakes.
MONSTER QUAD: This year SE is the first company to come out with a 29”+ BMX bike.
BEASTMODE RIPPER: Last year SE was the first company to come out with a 27.5”+ BMX bike. And since then we have also added the 27.5”+ Maniacc Flyer to the line.
FAT RIPPER: In 2016 SE was the first company to come out with a legit 26” fat BMX bike. Four years later, we are still the only company making this style of bike.
OM-Duro: In 2017 SE was the first company to make a 27.5”+ geared BMX bike with disc brakes.
PK RIPPER FIXED GEAR: In 2009 SE was the first company to make a BMX styled fixed gear bike.
The BMX Innovations are still going strong at SE! We will continue to carry on Scot Breithaupt’s legacy. And while we may not have been the first BMX company to come out with a retro BMX bike, we are the only company to have produced a complete line of retro bikes for the past 13 years, since 2007. We basically created the retro BMX category and the big wheel BMX market. At this very moment, SE is bigger, stronger, and more popular than it’s ever been in our 41-year history. While some brands spend their time spreading lies and talking trash, we spend our time to “Make it Happen!” Oh, and note that our 2020 line is gonna be off the chain! Bring on the future!