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In Stock for the Holidays!

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Dec 132018

Check out all of these cool new bikes that are IN STOCK FOR THE HOLIDAYS! That’s right, if you’re looking to pick one if these up and your local SE dealer doesn’t have it on the floor, they can order it for you on the quickness in time for Christmas!

Demolition Parts Assets Episode #4 Featuring Kris Fox

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Dec 112018

Demolition Parts recently got together with SE Bikes shredder Kris Fox to discuss his signature fork. Peep the full video below of some heavy bowl thrashing aboard his signature SE Gaudium courtesy of Mr. Fox himself. Bam!

Mike Buff Signature Sticker Sheet

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Dec 102018

You know BMX Hall of Famer Mike Buff not only gets his own signature SE BIKE, but a rad sticker sheet to go with the bike! This year’s 26” Mike Buff PK Ripper is the most BUFF yet! With SE wheelie pegs, Oakley B-1B grips, and an autographed trading card!


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Dec 072018

Don’t forget! Are you living outside of the USA and riding an SE bike!? Well, we want to see ya! So post up your pics, use the hashtag #SEWORLDWIDE and let us know where you are from! We’ll repost your pic and shout you out to the rest of the world! Let’s see what your riding in all parts of the world!

Prototype DJ Ripper

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Dec 052018

Peep ArtBMX contemplating his next move. And what bike is that you might ask? Well, that’s the Prototype DJ Ripper. We’re always on the move!

Kris Fox Wood Print by Joey Cobbs

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Dec 042018

Peep this amazing Kris Fox wood print done by Joey Cobbs! What a work of art on both ends!!

Fat Ripper Shiraz Rippin’!

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Dec 032018

What an amazing picture by @fatrippershiraz, all kinds of style going on here! Just a friendly Monday reminder to get out and do your thing!

#sefactorysquad at the USABMX Grand Nationals!

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Dec 012018

The USABMX Grand Nationals just went down in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the #sefactorysquad was in da house! Nick, Drew, Dominique, and Tomas were all on hand and finished with some solid results! Nick ended up snagging ROC #1 in 16 cruiser and made it to finals at the Grands! Drew got 2nd in 12 cruiser and 8th in 12 expert at the ROC and 3rd in 12 cruiser and 4th 12 expert! Both ended up with NAG plates, with Nick taking NAG #5 in 16 cruiser and NAG #13 in 16 expert and Drew taking NAG #5 in 12 cruiser and NAG #14 in 12 expert. And to cap a great weekend off, Dominique finished in 1st place at the Grands! Solid work everyone!

Calling all in Adelaide!

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Nov 302018

If you’re anywhere near South Australia, you better get your butt here to the ”Radelaide BMX” event in Adelaide!

12” Micro Ripper

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Nov 292018

This micro-sized bike is built with legendary SE features such as Floval shaped frame tubing and Landing Gear forks and yet has an ultra-low standover and kid-friendly geometry. The Micro Ripper is a perfect introduction to the SE lifestyle!