You have likely seen the @tdk_riders crew shredding on social media, including seven year old @karter.don. We love seeing young bike life riders, so we rounded up a few clips of Karter and asked some questions to get to know him better. (Dad may have helped a little with the answers…😉 )

What is TDK riders?

TDK riders is “T” for Tristan (big brother @tristanglow), “D” for Dad, and “K” for Karter. 😀 We are from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

How long has Karter been riding?

He’s been riding since summer 2020 (Covid).

What SE bikes does Karter ride?

Karter currently has a 2020 SE LiL’ Flyer, 2018 SE LiL’ Quad, and his 45th Anniversary LiL’ Flyer, which he hasn’t even seen yet 🤣🤣. Karter has also had six LiL’ Rippers.

How did Karter learn how to wheelie?

He started by watching his big brother Tristan, and he first started doing wheelies with training wheels. I built Karter a wheelie stand that we saw from @oneway_lilman and that helped him get his balance.

What is your riding scene like?

It’s getting really big out here in the Toronto area, and we have tons of bike life friends.

What does bike life mean to your family?

Bike life means everything to our family. It made all of us so close, and even big sister and Mom got SE bikes.

Who is Karter’s inspiration?

Karter has been inspired by Dblocks (who he met last summer), @dunbarber, the Toronto bike life Legend, Todd Lyons, and his big brother Tristan.