SE Bikes City Series

Iconic Bikes Meet Iconic Cities!

In 2020, we created the first city-themed Big Rippers. These bikes use iconic colors to match up with different cities, and each bike is always a limited-edition drop.

The first city-themed bikes we released were the Los Angeles, Philly, NYC, and Miami Big Rippers, and the response was incredible! These bikes debuted during COVID, which put even more focus on "essential activities" like riding a dope bike! Since then, we've added more Big Rippers to the city-lineup, plus the new Hella Rad NorCal series.

What's next in the SE city series? Stay tuned!

The SE Bikes City Series

Los Angeles Big Ripper

Where the City Series began.

NYC Big Ripper

We took over the Big Apple!

Miami Big Ripper

This bike definitely brought the heat!

Philly Big Ripper

Thie Philly Big Ripper debuted during a Philly Rideout.

Atlanta Big Ripper

Some fresh flavor for the Dirty South.

Boston Big Ripper

This drop was paired up with an awesome rideout in Boston.

Chicago Big Ripper

Chicago showed a ton of love for this drop.

Houston Big Ripper

Perfect timing to celebrate the champs!

Oakland Big Flyer

Oaktown is hella perfect as part of the NorCal Series.

Sacramento Big Flyer

This is one of the slickest looking Big Flyers of all time!

San Francisco Big Flyer

A bike perfect for battling San Francisco's epic terrain.

San Jose Big Flyer

We would never forget the 408!

Stockton Big Flyer

A powerhouse bike for a powerhouse town!