This past Sunday, the SE Crew teamed up with Rrdblocks and @jaemilez for an awesome ride in New York City. Just like the day before in Philadelphia, Todd Lyons was riding a brand new bike & was looking to give it away after the ride. This time, it was the Neon Pink Big Flyer that would be awarded to an unsuspecting rider. After the ride ended at Dah Shop, Todd had not yet decided on a rider to give the bike to. Everyone was hanging out on the street in front of Dah Shop for an impromptu block party with a DJ bumpin’ tunes, food, & even free ice cream from @mikeylikesiticecream. That’s when the word got out that somebody had just stolen @bs.nicke’s bike. It was a five-month-old City Grounds Big Flyer that was his prized possession. When Todd saw Nick frantically looking for his bike, he remembered meeting Nick earlier in the day at Rucker Park. Nick made an impact on him, and Todd knew that there was only one thing to do. Todd quickly grabbed the Neon Pink Big Flyer and made his way over to him. Nick was still freaking out about his bike getting stolen when Todd handed him the bike and said, “Here you go. It’s yours.” It was such a magical moment. This is what it’s all about.