There’s a strong chance that you’ve seen @bikelifejelly absolutely killing it on social media on her Monster Quad. We wanted to learn more about her, so we got her to send over some clips and some info to see what makes her tick. “I’m 17 years old and I’ve been riding since I was eight. I started doing wheelies at the age of 12-13. At first, yes, it was hard to learn, but after time and dedication I finally got it. Nothing really helped me learn. It was always just a joy to ride, and along the way doing wheelies just started to click, and my interest in riding bikes grew. I live in Millville, New Jersey. I normally ride around town with my guy friends and get clips every day. I went through a couple bikes, such as a So Cal Flyer, Big Ripper, etc., but once I got the Monster Quad I instantly fell in love. The Monster Quad is definitely my favorite. It’s a two-in-one for me. I can wheelie really good on it and I can also do combos. Another thing about the Monster Quad is the brakes—super-touchy and comfortable.” Clips by @bl__jason