Talk about some CLASSIC bike shop photos! These are photos from the Bike Gallery bike shop back in 1978. We are pretty darn sure that Ken Pliska shot the photos & that’s Ben Joy standing there with his brand-new JU6. And that very JU-6 was one of the first TEN that were ever made!

Trivia time: The JU-6 was Jeff Utterback’s signature SE bike. But soon after this bike came to market, Jeff left the SE Racing team to start his own company, GJS with his father. After Jeff left the team, the frame was modified by Scot Breithaupt & Perry Kramer with the addition of the classic gusset between the top tube and downtube. And the name was changed to “PK Ripper.” And as they say, the rest is history!

Shoutout to Perry for STILL being involved with SE after all these years. Did you know that Perry is our Southern California sales rep? Yup, he sure is! It must be pretty rad to work at a bike shop in So Cal & have Perry Kramer walk in!

Classic SE Bikes

Classic SE BikesClassic SE Bikes