You know that Damon Dayton has many incredible SE bikes, but all eyes are definitely on him when he busts out this masterpiece: “The VW Bike”. We asked Damon for the story of how his personal VW x SE collab bike came together.

“After walking around my friend Charlie Hamel’s museum of VW’s and VW stuff, I came up with the idea. I really wanted to combine my hobbies together: VW’s and bikes. Then I started working on lots of different ideas before I settled with the VW rim covers.

“In the summer of 2018, I had the wheel disk cut at Tap Plastic in Stockton, CA. Then it was off to the pros at Ride Out Supply for the fully reflective blue and white VW logos. When it came to the application of the plastic covers, I called my buddy Jay Dee for a second and third hand, which was needed. It was hard to get them done perfectly on point. I didn’t want Volkswagen to see them if they were not right.

“I honestly feel like the coolest guy at the VW shows on this bad boy. It’s originally a 2018 Big Ripper done as my own VW x SE Bikes collaboration. It’s my version of the word ‘cool’. But it’s not for a windy day! Check out the stem, too. It’s the actual SE VW bus with lots of details. The seat and pads were done by my buddy in So Cal at HB Customs, and the bike is built with authentic SE parts. I appreciate the opportunity of working with the brands in any way I can."

Damon Dayton's Custom VW Bike
Damon Dayton Custom Bike
Damon Dayton Custom Bike