When organized BMX racing came onto the scene in the 1970s, SE Racing was the first company to produce a high-end aluminum BMX frame. This groundbreaking frame later became the PK Ripper and has been in production longer than any other BMX bike in the world. This jaw-dropper first debuted in the late '70s, right at the point when BMX racing became a nationwide craze. The PK Ripper frame design has always been unique and purposeful, with super-stiff Floval (flat + oval = Floval) tubing used for the front end instead of the standard round tubing found on other brands’ bikes. Floval tubing is still used for the top tube on all bikes in the Elite Race series; the down tubes are now wider in diameter and bi-oval shaped for increased stiffness. The Elite Race series starts with the Mini Ripper for the little tykes, all the way up to the Floval Flyer for the larger, cruiser-class racers. Over the years there have been many modifications and upgrades to the bikes in this series. But one thing remains: These bikes are fast as hell.