When @Steeezy Filmz hosts a rideout, you know it's going to be a good time! Steeezy sent over this dope video after his most recent ride, so we asked him for a few details from the day.

"The Steeezy Filmz Summer 2021 Miami Rideout was a great turnout, and I’m very grateful for everyone who came out! We had SE Crew riders Dblocks, @onewheel_frank, and @wichofilmspr, and I wanna say about 500 riders or more. @bs.John, @bfh.jojo, and some of his boys, a few homies from Detroit... One of my favorite highlights was seeing Dblocks walking on the bus.

"The reason I did the ride was for kids; seeing the smiles on their faces as they met some of their favorite riders in person. I think that’s what matters the most— seeing the kids happy and enjoying riding bikes."