Awwww YEAH! We just sent out the first full shipment of Mike Buff Fat Rippers to SE Bikes dealers across America. We have more coming in a couple months, so if you don’t get one on this drop, hold tight! Buff is an OG BMX pioneer who helped introduce freestyle BMX to the world. As one of the original godfathers of freestyle, Mike rode a PK Ripper in the early 1980s, when he was a member of the legendary BMX Action Trick Team. The 26” Mike Buff Fat Ripper resonates with the same style as the legendary PK Ripper that Mike made famous. This bike can monster truck over anything with its fat 26” x 3.5” Vee Chicane tires. It comes equipped with a Mike Buff BMX Action padset, Oakley B-1B grips, and an authentic SE Racing/Mike Buff trading card personally signed by Buff. See your local dealer or