Did you score the red & yellow hi-top Vans PK Ripper shoes? Did your friends and family ask you why you bought shoes with such a wild colorway? Did you school them & let them know that red & yellow was the original color of the SE Racing team back in 1977? Did you tell them that the colorway was carried over from Scot Breithaupt’s time riding for FMF? Did you tell them that BMX legends Perry Kramer & Stu Thomsen won tons of races decked out in SE red & yellow? Well, if you didn’t tell them any of that, maybe you can tell them that those red & yellow shoes match the Vans PK Ripper that you’re getting! That’s right, the matching bike will be available in the coming weeks at select SE dealers. And we’ll have some more available on the SE website in March. This bike is super-limited with only 500 available in North America! Get ready!