Next up in our SE Crew rider bios is none other than Jakob Santos. Jakob is truly pushing big bike BMX street riding. Check out his interview to see what makes him tick. (Photo by @roadkill_flickz)

How old are you?
I am 33 years old.

Where do you live?
San Lorenzo, California.

How many SE bikes do you own?
I have 46 SE bikes. I’ll name a few. 2009 Big Ripper, 2009 DC x PK Fixed, 2010 Big Ripper, 2011 700C UVT, 2012 700C Quad, 2014 OM Flyer, Philly Big Ripper, NYC Big Ripper, Boston Big Ripper, PK Ripper 27.5, Money Lynch Beast Mode Ripper, Vans Blocks Flyer, 2021 Dblocks Big Ripper, 2020 Arctic Big Ripper, 2021 Black Sparkle Big Flyer, 2017 OM-Duro, 2021 Purple Camo Big Flyer, 2022 Army Camo Big Flyer… I have a lot more!

What’s your favorite SE bike?
For a 29" I love the Big Flyer. I’ve been on one solid for the last year-and-a-half and it’s held up great. For 26" it’s the Showtime, an old FGFS frame that I’m running as a BMX!

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Streets. I love riding street spots. Ledges, rails, gaps. And, of course, anything that can get me off the ground. Jumping my bike!

What is your favorite thing about bike life?
Watching my family LOVE riding with me. Both James and Juliana are learning new tricks while Desiree and I ride with them! The community. The people it brings together. Positive vibes. I love seeing new faces young and old at rides. I had a three-year-old and a 73-year-old finish a 35-mile ride together.

What’s your secret to improving riding skills?
If you aren’t out riding daily trying new tricks or trying to master the tricks you learned, you won’t improve. Falling is a big step towards improving your riding skills.

What’s something that people may not know about you?
A lot of people don’t know that I’ve been a Para Educator at an elementary school for the last five years.

What advice would you give to someone just getting into bike life?
If I could give one piece of advice to someone getting into bike life It would be to JUST RIDE YOUR BIKE. Have fun. Don’t worry about everyone else just ride your bike! And Get That Sh*t!