If you've ever met Zach Lewis, then you know he's got more energy than the Energizer bunny! This dude is constantly flowing the trails and parks on his DJ Ripper HD like a boss. 

How old are you?
Old enough to play Atari as a kid, idolize Cru Jones, and yet young enough to still live life upside down!

Where do you live?
My pillow is on planet earth, my dreams are in the stars, and during the daytime hours I’m always trying to reach outer space! But when grounded I split my time between the Rocky Mountains of ColoRADo and the beaches of Florida.

How many SE bikes do you own?
Not enough, that’s for sure! So far every color of the rainbow on the DJ Ripper (can’t wait for the new one to be in my hands), the fastest SE in the world (PK Ripper Super Elite XL Pro), and I sometimes get to sit down and ride the almighty Fat Quad. That bike went viral in one of my posts. 7.9M views—how did that happen?? Must have been the bike?

What’s your favorite SE bike?
I’m not sure if this was a serious question for me or not??? The DJ Ripper, of course! Most universal bike on the planet! I can take it to outer space or at least try at the dirt jumps, it’s fast enough to smoke fools on the track, it’s rad enough to pop wheelies, and it’s sexy enough to take out on date nights. What else could you ask for from a bike?

What’s your favorite place to ride?
Well, the dirt jumps for sure ‘cause that’s where my dawgs will be! Sometimes the parks ‘cause that’s where my dawgs will be!! But every now and then, the streets, cause that’s where I can find my dawgs from the SE Crew!

What’s your favorite thing about riding?
The freedom it gives you, the rush of adrenaline, the joy, and the love, all provided by this simple little mechanical device. It’s just amazing!

What’s your secret to improving?
Trying to stay healthy and upright when on the ground and keeping my mind clear and relaxed when floating upside down! But honestly, the best thing is just spending as much time behind the bars as possible!

What’s something people may not know about you?
Well, that’s a long list. I used to rope goats when I was a kid. I love country music, which most people know, I guess. I’m really not nearly as mean as people say I look when they first meet me, so just come say hi and I’ll talk your ear off.

What advice would you give someone just getting into riding?
Be yourself. Who cares what those around you are doing? If you are having fun you are doing it right! Just do you and the rest will come naturally!