BEASTMODE! This photo was the spark of the Beastmode Ripper. Back in 2016 when we saw this photo on Facebook of Marshawn Lynch sitting outside of Oakland’s Hank & Frank’s bike shop on his newly purchased Fat Ripper, Todd Lyons jumped into action. He reached out to the shop and they said that Marshawn had been there quite a few times to purchase SE bikes, mainly Fat Rippers. Todd asked the shop to give Marshawn his contact info and sure enough, a few months later Marshawn got in touch. He said that he loved the Fat Ripper, but he wanted a bike that was a bit lighter, more nimble, and easier to throw around. So, Todd got to work with some designs and soon after, Marshawn’s signature bike, the Beastmode Ripper was born!

Marshawn "Beastmode" Lynch on SE Fat Ripper