We love seeing families riding together, and @jakobsantos1911wcc lives that scenario every day. Jakob sent over some awesome photos of his family in action, so we had him tell us about how bike life runs in his family.
“Riding with my family is so dope. When I rode fixed gear freestyle back in 2013, my son @jamessantos1_started riding his bike with me at parks and street rides. He liked riding, but it was only in the last year that he fell in love with it. Juliana, on the other hand, always wanted to ride on the bike or skateboard with me. @booskie1_was on her 16" Quadangle for a couple years, and now she’s doing peg work on her 20" Ripper!
Watching my kids progress is f’ing awesome. @desiboo_4 and I are so pumped. Each time they ride it seems like they learn something new. It’s crazy because I see and feel exactly what my parents went through when @jessejames_wcc and I were kids—even the crashes.
Desiree and I are pretty good with the falls. We’re laid back and make sure the kids are good after a crash. As long as there is no blood or anything broken, we push them to get up and try again! We’ve always been super close, but the bikes have brought us even closer. 
I want to send a big shoutout to @toddlyons and SE Bikes for all the opportunities throughout the last 11 years. Especially within the last few years with bringing all these rad families together and out on the rides." Photos by @roadkill_flickz
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