If you follow @santabarbarasefamilia, then you know he's always doing great things for his SE Bikes life community, including the perfectly named Wheelie Wednesdays.

"Right now, It's a pilot program," he said. "It originated from the time I started Wheelie Wednesday about four years ago with the boys. The idea was to support and encourage one another while we practiced our wheelies. It's a place where all youth are welcome to join in and perfect their skill, whether wheelies, swerving, surfing, jumping or just a place for kids to go.

"I recently teamed up with Kent Epperson and a few other local non-profits, and through discussions, we created The Santa Barbara Downtown Youth Bike Initiative. Wheelie Wednesdays was revived to show the progression of youth involvement in bike life and our city's need for a dedicated location for our riders. The concept is similar to a skatepark. Currently, our kids hang out on a particular block on State Street, practicing their wheelies, swerves, tricks, etc. Our goal is to take them off State Street and give them a park where all riders can go."