Billionaire Boys Club x SE Bikes

An Awesome Bike Life & Streetwear Collab

In 2020, Pharrell Williams reached out to SE Director Todd Lyons about getting two SE bikes for personal use. At the time, COVID-19 was in effect, and getting SE bikes was harder than ever. Not long after that communication, Billionaire Boys Club (co-owned by Pharrell) reached out about doing a BBC x SE collab. This would become the first-ever SE collab using a Big Flyer, and the first to include a matching jersey and gloves. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos and info on this rad partnership.

Designs for Outer Space

The design for the BBC Space Flyer was intricate with detailed wraparound graphics, reflective decals, and fully custom tires and seat. We had constant communication with all factories involved, and they sent photos and videos throughout the process. The jersey design was sent to Hot Shoppe to create a sample, while Crushed did the same for the gloves before going into production.

Crazy COVID-19 Delays

The big complication with the Space Flyer was COVID-19. Every manufacturer
was incredibly behind schedule due to the virus and the lockdowns, which meant some of parts for the bike would not be available for many, many months—especially
seats and tires. So, even though the design was complete, there was still a lot
waiting and waiting and waiting. It was well worth it, though, as the Space
Flyer is truly out of this world.  

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Just got into these bikes. I bought a PK Ripper as a Father's Day gift to myself. Did a rideout and I felt my bike was too dark in the pack so I wanted something brighter and ran across this online so I jumped on it asap. It was the perfect bike and perfect timing. Love the colors...
— Keon A.

The Full Billionaire Boys Club x SE Bikes Collab

BBC x SE Space Flyer

This bike shines brighter than the sun!

BBC x SE Jersey

The back of the jersey was even hotter than the front!

BBC x SE Gloves

Even the palms of the BBC gloves were tricked out.