BS Dell

All eyes are on every time he touches his bike. From ridiculous combos to ghost rides and beyond, Dell is like a freak of nature! Photos by @bigbikefamily and @marklosey

Questions & Answers

What’s your full name?
Rondell Gray.

What's your Instagram?
@BS.Dell. My friends and I made our crew called Bombsquad, BS for short.

How old are you?
I am 22.

Where do you live?
New Jersey.

What’s it like riding for SE Bikes?
Very exciting and rewarding for someone who loves bikes.

How did you get into bike life?
Been riding bikes since I was two.

How far can you wheelie?
As far as the road goes.
What’s the bike life scene like where you live?
The scene is pretty big.

What is your favorite thing about bike life?
The freedom that we have.

What’s the best rideout you’ve ever been on?

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Miami—it's always hot! 

How many SE bikes do you currently own?
Vans Big Ripper, Boston Big Ripper, Chicago Big Ripper, Fat Ripper (2), So Cal Flyer, Blocks Flyer, Big Ripper HD, Big Flyer HD, Gaudium, and more.
How many followers do you have on Instagram?

What is your favorite SE bike?
Fat Rippers have a good balance to wheelie.

Are you part of a riding crew?

What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
I’m a pescatarian. I love seafood.

What advice would you give to someone getting into bike life today?
Do it because you love it. That way you’ll never stop.

What’s your secret to improving your riding skills?
Try everything and make it difficult for yourself to improve.

What would you be doing if you never found bike life?
Stream video games.

Will you ever stop riding?