Creme x SE Bikes

The First SE Fat Ripper Collab

In 2021, Creme contacted SE about a new collaboration project. For those who don’t know, Creme are high fashion, streetwear, and sneaker boutiques co-owned by hip hop icon Pusha T in Norfolk, VA and Philadelphia, PA. After kicking ideas back and forth, it was decided that a Fat Ripper would be the perfect bike for the collab. The Creme Fat Ripper was extremely limited-edition with only 300 available in North America.

Black Reign

The Creme collab design started with different King of Hearts playing cards modified to match Pusha’s style. You can see how graphics were printed out and placed on a Fat Ripper frame to make sure the sizes and styles were correct. The “Black Reign” paint looks awesome, and no two bikes have the exact same pattern. Design cues from the bike were used to make limited-edition jerseys with Hot Shoppe and gloves with Crushed. The bike box also matches (like all SE collabs), so every aspect of this project is collectible.

Launch Time

When it was time to debut the Creme collab, Pusha T was out of the country so we couldn’t get a photo of him with the bike. Instead, his team combined an existing photo of Pusha with a photo of the bike for the launch. The image looked awesome, but Tyler, the Creator was quick to call out the Photoshop work on Instagram! Tyler has also done collabs with SE, too, and it was all in good fun.

The Full Creme Collab

Creme Fat Ripper

Pusha T approved.

Creme Jersey

The back of the Creme jersey was bold!

Creme Gloves

Glove palms matching the bike paint? Check!

SE Crew on the Creme Fat Ripper Video

A few of the SE Crew riders scored the Creme Fat Ripper the day it came out, and they took it straight to the Philadelphia streets!