Damon Dayton

Damon Dayton is an incredible SE Bikes team rider, and an even more incredible SE collector. Read on to learn more about the ultimate bike life ambassador! Photos by @inbikeswetrust_209 and @bigbikefamily

Questions & Answers

What’s your full name?
Damon Cardone Dayton.

What's your Instagram?
@damon_vw_guy. I’ve always been known as “The VW Guy”. So, when Instagram came around, I figured it was time to let the people know that @damon_vw_guy was on Instagram! It’s been a great ride on Instagram. I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing. I like how it’s basically been a platform to meet people who have the same interests.

How old are you?
6/28/72; I’m 50.

Where do you live?
Stockton, California.

What’s it like riding for SE Bikes?
It’s definitely a great feeling to be a part of the SE Bikes team/family. It’s something that makes me smile when I think about the best team on bikes, and the love we “team riders“ have for each other.

How did you get into bike life?
I actually had an encounter with Todd Lyons & Darnell Meyers in Hollywood in 2015. Just before that, I was riding with the 4130 Crew, and I was quickly thinking about getting the scene in my hometown to grow. But for the most part, I bought about six SE bike’s in 2010 and I was immediately hooked on the big bike scene.

How far can you wheelie?
Wheelie? Well, I’d say I can stick with the best of them, but it’s definitely “blocks”, or miles even. I’d safely say I can wheelie about two miles or so!

What’s the bike life scene like where you live?
Since 2016 we have had our weekly ride, “Sunday Funday”. It’s grown to be the biggest weekly ride in Northern California. And Stockton Port City Wheelie Crew—we have grown into having a Wednesday night ride. So, essentially two rides a week.

What is your favorite thing about bike life?
I’d have to say that my favorite part of bike life is watching people enjoying themselves. It’s got to be the kids & elders getting rad that makes me smile the biggest. Learning and teaching others how to get the most satisfaction out of what they’re doing on bikes.

What’s the best rideout you’ve ever been on?
I’d have to say that my best rideout is definitely the So Cal BMX ride. The three-day-ride has changed the concept of a rideout. That Beast Mode ride has my heart, too.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
I’d have to say that my favorite place to ride is in a large city. I love my city, Stockton.

How many SE bikes do you currently own?
1981 26” OM Flyer, 
1985 20” Quadangle,
1987 20” Quadangle,
1987 24” Mauler,
1996 26” OM Flyer,
1990 20”/1-3/8" Race Quadangle, 26” Quadangle,
2010, 2012, 2017 29” Quadangles,
2012, 2013, all five STR Quadangles,
all the Vans collection,
all the city bikes,
several prototypes.
Essentially 128 SE bikes! (Damon's list is extensive. See his video interview to see even more!)

How many followers do you have on Instagram?

What is your favorite SE bike?
My 2010 OM Money Wrap is by far my favorite SE, simply because it was my first 26” BMX, and I found a new Damon with the purchase of that bike. Although it was not my first SE. I actually bought the 29” first.

Are you part of a riding crew?
Port City Wheelie Crew. Stockton, California-based crew.

What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
I have an amazing 23-year-old daughter, and she’s blessed me with two wonderful grandsons: Wolf and Bear. I can fix anything. I love to camp and enjoy pets.

What advice would you give to someone getting into bike life today?
First off , I’d recommend getting a bike that fits your needs and is comfortable for you. Then I’d say to get safety gear: helmet, gloves, and a good pair of glasses. Ride in a group of people that you know until you’re comfortable on the bike, and you’re off to a great start.

What’s your secret to improving your riding skills?
Stay focused on what you want to learn. Perfection is key. Practice it until you have it down, then show off.

What would you do if you never found bike life?
I’d still be a Volkswagen guy, and I'd be lost, trying to find myself a way of enjoyment.

Will you ever stop riding?
I’ll never stop riding. I’ll be on my bike until I can’t anymore because of old age.