Oneway Erisa

New York's @oneway_erisa is one of the most exciting riders in bike life. Seeing her constant progress on her SE bikes is simply amazing! (Photos by @bigbikefamily and @mwikanphoto.)

Questions & Answers

What's your full name?
My name is Erisa Mcauliffe Celaj.

What's your Instagram?
@oneway_erisa. I chose Oneway Erisa because I thought Oneway was a cool team, and I got in for being a really good girl rider.

How old are you?

I am 14 years old.

Where do you live?

I live in New York.

What's it like riding for SE Bikes?
I love it. I get to meet new people and love the team.

How did you get into bike life?
I saw people on YouTube doing wheelies and I thought it was cool, so I learned how to do it.

How far can you wheelie?
I could wheelie for about a mile.

What's the bike life scene like where you live?
Lots of woods, but still fun to ride.

What's your favorite thing about riding?
Meeting new people and just having a good time.

What's the best rideout you've ever been on?
I don't really have a favorite rideout.

How many SE bikes do you currently own?
I own three SE bikes: a Savage Flyer, an OM-Duro, and a So Cal Flyer.

How many followers do you have on Instagram?
I have 187K followers.

What is your favorite SE bike?
I love the Savage Flyer because it has gears, it has a big frame, and I just can do way more tricks.

Are you a part of a riding crew?
I am a part of Oneway.

What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
I play music (guitar) and I sing.

What advice would you give to someone getting into bike life today?
Trust the process. Good things take time.

What's your secret to improving your riding skills?
Pegger (wheelie stand) is my secret.

What would you be doing if you never found bike life?
I guess I’ll never know.

Will you ever stop riding?
I don’t think I’ll ever stop riding. LOL.