Suicidal Tendencies x SE Bikes

The Most Hardcore SE Collab Yet!

When we heard that Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies wanted to do a collab with SE, we couldn't wait. Mike is one of the most enduring voices of punk and hardcore music, and producing items for the Suicidal Army was a blast. Mike was involved in every step of the design process, and the ST x SE Big Ripper, jersey, and gloves sold out with the quickness. Scroll down to check out some behind-the-scenes photos and info on this awesome project.

Cyco Vision

What started as crude drawings went through countless revisions before the designs headed for production. SE Director Todd Lyons worked with SE's designer plus both Mike and Jim Muir to make sure every detail was perfect. Jim Muir owns Dogtown Skateboards and he did a Dogtown x SE collab in 2019, so Jim was a great asset to project.

Trip at the Brain

Once all designs were finalized, we worked with our factory to make sure everything was perfect. Hot Shoppe Designs produced the jersey while the gloves came from Crushed. This was a super-fun collab, and seeing photos of Mike riding the bike made it even sweeter! We produced a video to launch the bike on social media and Mike provided the Suicidal song "Cyco Vision" for the soundtrack.

Mike also ordered a large quantity of bikes to sell on the Suicidal website, but they arrived at his location earlier than expected. It's not easy storing lots of 29" bikes, so it was decided to make his bikes available to the Suicidal newsletter mailing list early. That batch of bikes sold out before the planned launch date even hit! Jim Muir also ordered bikes, gloves, and jerseys for the Dogtown store, and he flew through his inventory, too.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have been wanting a Big Ripper for a couple years and have been looking at them locally at shops and online. When the Suicidal Tendencies Ripper came out I had to pull the trigger! Looks as good as it rides! I’ve been riding it daily since I got it!
— Mike J.

The Full Suicidal Tendencies x SE Bikes Collab

Suicidal x SE Big Ripper

Mike Muir approved!

Suicidal x SE Jersey

The back of the jersey goes hard!

Suicidal x SE Gloves

Pledge allegiance!

Suicidal Tendencies x SE Bikes Big Ripper Video

The official bike check video we used to launch the ST x SE collab, with music provided by Suicidal Tendencies, of course!