Vans x SE Bikes

The Deepest SE Collab of All Time

When we teamed up with Vans to begin working on a collab, the idea was for each brand to make multiple items to create an incredibly deep product offering. SE would produce multiple bikes while Vans created a full soft goods line including shoes, shirts, hats, and more. This many items took a long time to create, and COVID-19 delays slowed things down even more. But when this collab hit, it hit HARD!

The Design Process

Need bike designs and photos

The Collab Heard Round the World!

We launched the Vans collab with a huge push on SE social media, and Vans did the same on their platforms. Vans also did an action photo shoot and used the photos in awesome displays in Vans stores around the country! The collab items sold out quickly through both SE and Vans channels, and they immediately became collector's items. To see more, check out seven different videos from the launch right here!

The Full Vans x SE Bikes Collab

Vans Big Ripper Blue

The final Vans Big Ripper.

Vans Big Ripper Black

This bike set the bike life world on fire!

Vans Blocks Flyer

The Vans collab had a bike for every size rider.

Vans PK Ripper Looptail Red

This PK Ripper screamed retro BMX racing!

Vans PK Ripper Looptail Black

Does it get any cooler than this?

Vans LiL' Ripper

Even the little guys had a bike in the Vans collab.

Vans Big Ripper Shoes

Vans had shoes to match every bike in the collab!

Vans PK Ripper Shoes Hi

A Vans classic meets bike life.

Vans PK Ripper Shoes

How badass are these!?

Vans Blocks Flyer Shoes

Clean and classic.

Vans LiL' Ripper Shoes

Start 'em young!

Vans LiL' Ripper Toddler Shoes

Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Vans Crossbody Bag

This bag sold out immediately!

Vans Sweatshirt

A dope hoodie for cruisn' the hood.

Vans Jersey

Perfect for the BMX track or the streets.

Vans Checker Shirt

When bold meets subtle.

Vans Shorts

Vans had gear for every type of weather.

Vans Bucket Hat

A classic for your dome.

Vans Camper Hat

Off the Wall!

Vans Socks

From head to toe!

Vans Big Ripper Video

The limited-edition Vans Big Rippers are some of the coolest bikes on the planet!